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Coolest Football Helmet Cake 67

by Heather
(Eunice, La)

Homemade Football Helmet Cake

Homemade Football Helmet Cake

This is a LSU football helmet cake I made for my son's birthday. As always, I'm like most of you and don't have all the pans needed and I don't like to work with fondant so next best thing is search online and this site! I will try to explain step by step and a lot of details as to be easy to understand. I find some directions are not fully explained and when I search I can't find what I need.

This cake takes awhile to bake/make. I baked the cake in glass bowl-be careful and check it often because it can burn on outside but not cooked inside.

Once completely cooled take a plastic thin-small butterknife and move it around edges so to loosen cake. I had a LSU gift bag so I just wrapped my board in that which was perfect. I flipped it upside down on board. On one side cut about 1-inch off-straight down from top of rounded top to bottom where hits board-this is the place the face would be. And that's all the cutting!
I always usually use my *star tip when I use canned icing because its just too hard to make flat.

On the flat part I cut away I *star tipped all black (where face would be). I'm from Louisiana & big big LSU family fans so I did yellow/gold/purple for our colors. I also used *star tip for this...just dotting close together. I hand did the LSU on either side.

For the grill, or mouth part, I just used pipe cleaners. I cut little lines in cake with butterknife to ease pipe cleaners in. My son had little LSU decors so I just add that to my board as the cake was smaller and the board was so big.

And that's all!

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