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Coolest Frog Prince Cake 80

by Leslie
(Dallas, GA)

Homemade Frog Prince Cake

Homemade Frog Prince Cake

This Frog Prince Cake was done for my grand daughters 1st birthday.

The first thing I did was go out on the internet and look for pictures of frogs. I found a picture of a frog figurine I liked and made the frog out of rice crispy treats (store bought). I just molded it into a rough shape then covered it in white marshmallow fondant and worked out the details.

When it was to my liking I applied warts and painted it with food coloring. This is the first time I had tried that and was very happy with the way it turned out. I was able to get a lot more depth by mixing the colors and so forth. I wasn't able to get the back to look right so that cape is for more than looks.

to make the "pillows" ( i saw this done on a tutorial on the internet):
I used 2 boxes of strawberry cake mix, prepared according to the package directions. I baked 2 8" square layers and 1 4" round layer.
I filled the square cake layers with butter cream then cut the edges to taper them to look more like a pillow, turned the cake over and did the same thing to the bottom of the cake. I put a crumb coat on and let it dry a bit.(be sure to cut your cake board pretty small- it needs to support the cake but not be too visible.
I took the 4" round cake layer and tapered it the same way to make it look more like a pillow as well- crumb coated and let dry.
I covered both of the cakes in marshmallow fondant (you can get the recipe off the internet- I think it tastes better than the store bought.)
I put the quilt design on the square "pillow" while it was on the cake. Next time I think I'll do it before i put the fondant on the cake.
Then I stacked it. I cut wooden dowels and inserted them at cake level to support the small pillow and frog. I then cut a longer dowel and inserted it through the middle of all of the layers as well as about two inches into the frog. I covered all of my mistakes with pipped butter cream and dragees :)

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by: Neecie

What an incredible cake. I can hardly believe how realistic the frog is. I made a great frog years ago by using the back of the 3-d teddy bear pan - ears made for perfect eyes! - but this is phenomenally better!

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