I got the idea for this Garden Birthday Cake from the Wilton web site. I made this as a birthday cake for my father in law. I made a carrot cake and used carrots from our garden so I wanted it to have a garden theme.

It was just two 9 inch round cakes. I used cream cheese icing and was going to color it green to resemble grass, but I just started icing the cake and realized too late I hadn’t colored it. So I just used the grass tip and added grass to the top.

I used Wilton decorator icing (from the can) for the grass and all flowers. I used a chocolate cupcake for the flower pot. I tried coloring my icing to make a Terra Cotta color for the flower pot, but it looked more brown. I then piped in flowers and leaves and because I used a chocolate cupcake it looked like dirt in the flower pot. I made the trowel (pattern from Wilton.com), gloves, and seed packet out of MM fondant. I used food markers to put little cherries on the gloves and drew “seeds” and flowers on the seed packet.

For the gloves I was going to trace my 2 year old daughter’s hand and cut out the gloves, but I instead used a cookie cutter I have.

I cut the picket fence (again pattern from wilton.com) from fondant colored brown and originally was going to put it around the entire cake but I am new to working with fondant so it would have taken me hours to cut enough pieces to put around the entire cake. I took the short cut and just put a section of fence on. I used a brush and water to apply the pieces of the fence across the others.

This is my third cake I have done. I think it turned out really cute. I think it is amazing the things you can make to put on a cake and that it can all be edible.

One trick I use and I don’t know if everyone does this, but if I am planning to make a cake I bake it a few weeks ahead of time and then just take it out of the freezer right before I start decorating it. This cuts way down on the amount of time spent if you were to do it all in one day.