I wasn’t really sure of what to do for my mother’s birthday cake so I decided to do a simple “gift”. I baked a yellow cake from scratch using a recipe I found online, which turned out to be very delish. The cake was baked in a 10in square cake pan. I cooled the cake for 20 minutes after baking. After removing it from the pan, I cut it in half to make it a two layer and put it on a circle cake board (I had to cut maybe an inch from one side for it to fit onto the board).

I did a crumb coat of vanilla frosting and placed it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. While that was in the fridge, I started with the fondant, rolling it out and coloring with the two colors (Wilton icing coloring). I used a small top of candy sprinkles and a larger top of candy sprinkles to cut out the circles for the decorations. I used the fondant cutter, which comes with 3 different edges, to cut the strips for the ribbon.

I waited to roll the white fondant for covering after I applied another layer of frosting to the cake. I then smoothed the white fondant onto the cake. I did have some imperfections on the corners but I covered those up with the circles! I placed the circles on the cake using frosting as a glue, you can also use a little water, just a dab will do.

I put together the bow and ribbon and just put that on top of the cake. Rolled paper towel should be used to place in the ribbon to help keep the open shape…and that’s how I put together this “gift” for my mom’s birthday!!

By the way, she loved it!