My youngest daughter celebrated her 5th birthday and I wanted something really special for her cake. I’d made a mermaid Barbie cake for my oldest daughter’s friend and my little one really wanted one too. But I wanted to make her something different so that she would have her own special cake. I am disabled and needed something that wasn’t going to take a lot of icing decoration due to not being able to stand or sit for long periods.

I found this site and looked at some really awesome cakes. I actually took one from this site that I really liked and added my own touch to it. It is such a simple cake and VERY easy to make it your own. This is the cake to make if you aren’t good at icing decorations or maybe you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to do it.

This one took me about and hour to decorate but I took several breaks due to my pain. If I was my old self this wouldn’t have taken but about 15-20 minutes to decorate I believe. The cool is all in the candy that you use to make it look like a castle. And what is better than Cake and Candy!! Ok so the tower cones on the cake from the top down. The top cone is a sugar cone covered in icing and then rolled in a pink sparkling sugar with small edible glitter hearts mixed in.

The next two cones are cake cones just covered in the same icing for the cake. The open end is up to place the sugar cone directly in the opening then the very bottom one is inverted with a bit of icing in between the two to form a better hold. I needed a large square pan to hold two cake mixes for the bottom of the cake. The top layer is just one boxed mix in your average square pan. I would imagine you could take two side by side cakes to make the bottom layer instead of having the large square pan but I wanted to make sure it was tall enough for the towers.

I used pink swirled marshmallows with a strawberry filling (got these at Wal-Mart) all over the cake to really pop out the castle look. Now the “window’s” are actually jewels from the arts and crafts area. Had to be sure to tell the mom’s these were not edible. If made again I would order the edible jewels for this. But that is the only detail to it that I couldn’t get edible. The door was made with the new cans of icing just carefully sprayed on. Used large nonpareils to line the door and give a door handle.

The grass was the next step and I used a Wilton tip for this and went around the three sides viewable on the cake. Raisinets then lined the grass and front of the bridge when it was done. Jelly beans, mini m&m’s and a silver sugar for the bridge. Sparkling blue gel for the water along with some blue sugar and gummy fish. And to finish it off I used sparkling candles on top of the cone towers with extra icing to hold them in place. My daughter was so amazed. I could have payed someone to make a really nice cake with no problems but now she has a cool cake that Mommy made for her.