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Coolest Glamour Bag And Shoes Cake 13

by Wendy M.

Homemade Glamour Bag And Shoes Cake

Homemade Glamour Bag And Shoes Cake

When I made my son his hamburger and hot dog cakes (#64 under food), I knew I had to come up with something special for my daughter. I know all females love handbags and shoes so I was on a mission to make her a Glamour Bag And Shoes Cake.

With my unexperienced cake decorating hands I baked a butter cake in a round tin for the hand bag and I doubled the recipe for 2 large tins for the shoe box . I froze them so I could carve them easier and I joined the shoe box ones together with butter cream icing.

A week before I made the handbag handle and shoes icing with cmc powder I made 3 handles in case one broke (2 broke). I also made 5 shoes. As I had no one to ask or help me, it was like the blind leading the blind. It is SO disheartening when you have a look at your master piece the next day and it breaks in your hand. I soon caught on that when you make something like shoes you must LEAVE them for DAYS to set hard. I have learnt that expensive lesson.

The night before the birthday dinner I did not get home until 9pm to start rolling and colouring the fondant. I had extra icing over so I made a mirror, eye shadow, lipstick, compact mirror, powder and necklace and earrings. I put edible labels with my daughter's name as the shoe brand on the shoes and the bar code on the shoe box was her birth date.

I finished at 3am and I started to get a bit sloppy as I was really tired and I was panicking as I had to get up for work at 6.30 the next morning. I was not 100 per cent happy with the result. I promised myself in those early hours that I would go to cake decorating classes before the end of the year so I wouldn't put that pressure on me again and that I would know how to correct mistakes.

My family squealed with delight which made it all worth while. My next cake is in a week for my grandson's 3rd birthday. I am doing Bob the Builder for him and he wont care how it comes out as long as he can blow the candles out!

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by: Leni

I wish you wrote in detail how you made the shoes.They look so real.Great job.

So Cute!
by: Anonymous

This is adorable! I'm going to try this idea for my sister's birthday cake! Thanks for your creativity!

by: Anonymous

ill use this for my bday arty this year thanks for the inspiration

by: Nancy O

I have been making my grandkids special cakes for years now. My goal is to always use as much candy in a creative way as possible. It's been super challenging, fun and they love it! That you even attempted that shoe blows my mind! It turned out great. Way to go! I love your cake and came here because I need to make one in the next week. I've meant to take a fondant class forever but have not. It's on my list! Thanks for some ideas!

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