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Coolest Graffiti Birthday Cake

by JennyLynn M.
(Lehi, UT)

Homemade Graffiti Birthday Cake

Homemade Graffiti Birthday Cake

Homemade Graffiti Birthday Cake
Homemade Graffiti Birthday Cake
Homemade Graffiti Birthday Cake
Homemade Graffiti Birthday Cake

The birthday boy is really into famous logos, so his mom asked me to make him a birthday cake with that in mind. I had never even heard of some of these logo's before, so I thought it was an interesting request.

After finding all the logos online I went to work on ideas of how to decorate it. I decided that it would be cool to make the cake look like a brick wall and then somehow make the logos look like graffiti on the wall.

First I covered two round cakes (an 8" and 6" cake) with white homemade fondant. The cakes were both red velvet cakes that I torted and filled with Cookies n' cream buttercream.

Then I rolled out some red fondant and using a clear, quilting ruler and a pizza cutter, I cut out a TON of rectangle shapes that would be bricks. Then I placed about 2/3 of the 'bricks' on a cookie sheet lined with foil. Using my airbrush, I sprayed the bricks with darker red and black food coloring. I intentionally did it in random shades of darkness so that the bricks would look realistic.

I placed them around the cakes, alternating the various shades of red to give it a real brick wall look, making sure that I left white fondant exposed around the brick to be the 'mortar'.
Next I copied the logo images into a editing program (mine is just a digital scrap booking program) to size the logos to the right size to fit the cake. Then I printed them out on my printer on just normal white type paper. I cut around each logo and attached it to some white fondant with some edible glue that I made. Make sure that you use just enough or the paper will become wet and wrinkle.

Then using an exacto knife I cut the fondant around the image and placed it on the brick wall. Then I used my airbrush to paint black around the image to give it a graffiti look. Sorry these images were NOT edible, next time I would try to use edible paper.

To do the name and age I first just sprayed black directly onto the cake, but it wasn't visible enough. So I hand cut the name out of yellow fondant, no need to be exact and pretty because it is supposed to look free handed. Then I attached it to the wall. My hubby said that it looked too pretty and not like graffiti, so again I took my airbrush and lightly sprayed it blue, then again with black. I LOVE how the coloration turned out on it.

Next I printed out the same logo's only a bit larger, cut them out and hot glued them to wooden bbq skewers. Then I arranged them on the top of the cake to create a cake topper. The look on the birthday boy's face was PRICELESS. I think it was a huge success!

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