This Guitar Cake was for a 17 year old who is in a band. I baked two 10 inch Madeira cakes. I cut the shape of the guitar out of the cakes using half the second cake for the handle of the guitar. Then I sliced the cake into three to fill with butter cream and jam, sandwiched the cakes together then buttercreamed all over and cooled in the fridge. I had to do this in pieces because my fridge wasn’t big enough to cool the cake assembled. When chilled I rolled out some icing. I used 4 blocks to make sure I had enough to cover cake.

I covered the whole of the cake. I then got some paste food colouring in red and watered it down and painted it all over the guitar excluding the handle which I painted light brown. I painted it on the cake with a sponge so not to wet the cake too much. I then left this to dry for about 6 hours. I then piped all around the cake with a star tip.

I cut out the white shape on the guitar and attached it to the cake and cut out some brown icing for the handle placing any detail on it before attaching it to the cake. I then started to shape the knobs on the guitar and the pegs on the handle ( I mean the things you use to adjust the strings, don’t know what they’re called) and did any other detail that needed to be done. The last thing I did which was the hardest of all was to pipe the strings on the guitar.

I rolled out some red icing and cut into a square to ice the birthday message attached this to the cake board then piped around it with a star tip. The person i made it for loved it.