My son turned 15 this year and is really good at Guitar Hero. He happened to mention that it would be cool to have a 3-D guitar cake for his birthday (he mentioned this on a Monday, his party was the following Saturday. So without knowing it, he basically challenged me to give him his wish.)

So after perusing pages and pages of guitar cakes, I decided on Guitar Hero. This was my first foray into using fondant and was actually easier than I thought it would be. I ordered an already iced sheet cake from our local bakery (I was short on time). After tracing one of our many Guitar Hero guitars with wax paper, I laid out the tracing onto the iced cake and began cutting.

I used one side of the cake for the body, the other for the neck of the guitar and then had leftovers to munch on for the party. I laid the guitar out onto foil wrapped cake boards

(I taped 2 boards together lengthwise and then put one underneath, in between the 2, to give better support when moving it).

I covered the whole thing in white fondant, used black fondant on the neck and then cut out colored fondant for the “keys”. On the neck, where the guitar strings would usually attach, I used mini battery operated lights (found in wedding section) and also used these where the guitar strap (grosgrain ribbon) would attach. I used a knitting needle (bent at a slight angle) for the whammy bar and wrapped the end with some fondant. The miscellaneous buttons, stars, etc, were also made of fondant. I used a bit of edible shimmer dust on the end of the whammy bar & around the buttons.

Took me approximately 5 1/2 hours without stopping, to make this cake.