My nephew Harry was turning 10 at the same time as the release of the final Harry Potter movie (no he was not named after JK’s boy) so he was having a Harry Potter party including seeing the movie with a few of his friends. For the party he asked for a themed cake so I came up with the idea of Hagrid’s Hut because Hagrid is one of his favourite characters and the hut doesn’t survive to the end so it was a bit of an “adieu” as well.

The night before… I tinted the fondant and rolled 4 rectangular sections and marked them like brickwork for the walls, then tinted 2 different colours and cut the roof tiles individually. Then I darkened the leftover fondant and cut a door, scoring it a little to look like wood. You will also need to create a spire for the roof using a bamboo skewer and the fondant. Leaving all to dry overnight covered with a tea towel.

I made a regular chocolate cake in 2 small round tin and used a Dolly Varden (pudding) tin for the top but used a denser chocolate cake. Once they were cooled, I trimmed both cakes to be octagonal and the roof to be more steeply pitched. I iced the entire base cake with chocolate frosting, joined the next one, then placed on the top and frosted it – thickly as you need that to act like glue. I wrapped the walls around the cake until they met and then started on the roof. Tiling with the shingles from the top of the walls and moving up – alternating the colours of the shingles to create interest. Once you get near the top, push in the spire then finish the roof.

Use more frosting to glue the door on then using cut Flake chocolate create the steps and door surround. I also made a very thick green icing using icing sugar and water for the grass then added tinted green coconut for the lawn. I then created a log pile using chocolate cake and flake to stick the candle into.

All in all, very happy boy and very impressed friends too with this Homemade Hagrid’s Hut Cake.