I made this handbag cake for my daughter who is 28. I baked an 8” square cake and filled it with butter cream and jam and then cut the one side of the cake flat, stood the cake on its side and shaped the top of the cake. Then I covered it in butter cream and placed in the freezer for 10 mins. to chill.

I rolled out some white icing and covered the whole cake with a metal ruler. I then pressed this slightly into the icing to make the quilted design. I did this on the two larger sides. I then made four twists out of icing and attached these to the four edges of the bag. With a modelling tool I pressed small holes in to the corners of the diamond shapes on the quilting and attached small edible balls in pink and pearl on both sides of the cake.

I left it over night to harden the icing. The next day I made the zipper. I rolled out a long strip of fondant I had colored in beige to the size I needed and sliced a line in the center. Then with a fork I pressed teeth into both sides and then pushed the two sides back together as I attached it to the cake. Then I made the handles using fondant and flower paste mixed in equal amounts in the beige color and attached these to the cake. Then I made the handle to the zipper and small round rivets. Colored these in gold and when they were dry I attached these to the bag.

Finally I colored some fondant in pink and rolled out and placed it on the board making pleats as if it were fabric, added the name and a rose I made earlier. When the icing on the board had hardened I dusted with lustre dust. The cake was now finished. She loved it.