For this Homemade Haunted Castle Cake, I used the Wilton Performance Pans™ Square Pan Set and Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set. I took some of the pieces of the Castle set and covered them with fondant (Wilton Ready-To-Use White Rolled Fondant 24 oz. Pkg), mixed with Black food coloring, once again, by Wilton.

After making the cakes, according to the guidelines from the cake pan set on how much cake batter to use, I layered each individual cake, filled each layer with chocolate buttercream icing, then iced the entire cake with buttercream icing tinted with black Wilton color.

I inserted two long plastic dowels right down the middle of the cake to avoid any collapsing of the layers. Out of the top left dowel, I cut the bottom of a marshmallow Peeps ghost with a V-cut and inserted it into the dowel on top, covering the dowel and bottom of ghost with icing. I cut out holes in the cake where the castle pieces were inserted into the cake, and just attached the peak of the castle onto the cake with some more icing. I piped the detail onto the door and peak, added some black sugar sprinkles on top of the whole thing. I also piped some icing on top of the castle pieces and inserted some bat garland I found at Michael’s around the back to look like bats flying. The ghosts on the castle pieces are candy, found in the baking section of the grocery store, affixed with a little icing.

After decorating the cake, I took canned icing, tinted green, and spread it on the whole board the cake was on. I put a package of chocolate Oreo cookies in my food processor and sprinkled it around to make dirt, then inserted Milano cookies, with the same type of candy, affixed with some icing to make tombstones, used candy corn pumpkins to make the pumpkin patch and also to have some fallen, knocked over pumpkins around the area. I found candy bones, put them around the tombstones, then just used a Nightmare Before Christmas figurine set for the characters.

Believe it or not, what took the longest amount of time was baking the cakes!