We took a family vacation to Hawaii and after we got back I decided to have a Hawaiian Luau themed birthday party for my daughter. I baked a pineapple upside down cake in addition to this Hawaiian Luau Hula Doll Cake so there would be plenty of cake for everyone but most of the kids chose to eat the hula girl cake.

For this cake you will need the doll cake mold and doll topper (which sometimes comes in the box). I purchased them at a craft store in the cake section. The doll cake is a little tricky to bake so make sure you follow the directions on the box and use the pole in the middle for baking. I placed the doll cake on the stand and inserted the doll topper. I used Wilton tip #233 (grass tip) and dyed frosting green. I layered the grass down the doll portion. That part was pretty easy.

I used the flower tip to pipe flowers on her waist, arms, hair and neck. I used fudge topping to make her coconut bra. I had to paint that on with a little watercolor paintbrush.

The cake was a huge hit at the party!