I was trying to decide on a cake to make for my daughter’s 7th birthday, and was actually inspired by my Hello Kitty Iphone skin cover and the backpack of a little girl in my class. I saw lots of Hello Kitty head cakes, but wanted to try to make the body too. This was my first character cake.

I did a search online for inspiration and ideas and found lots on this site. Then I thought about how she was going to be doing a dance in a talent show on the night of her birthday, so I did another search and found a Hello Kitty ballerina coloring page. I printed 2 of those poster size- 1 to help with the scale of the cake, and the other 1, I colored and made into a birthday card.

The head is a white cake, frosted with white buttercream and decorated with gel colored fondant bow, whiskers and nose and eyes. I baked the cake in 2 round, 9-inch pans and frosted 1 layer before stacking the 2nd layer on top. It was easiest to paint the eyes and whiskers black – all other colors were made by needing into fondant. The cake mix and frosting were both store bought, but adding pure, clear vanilla to both really perked up the flavors.

The body is a chocolate cake baked in 2 9-inch round pans too. I stacked the layers with chocolate buttercream that I did make homemade with a traditional recipe, but added International House of Coffee’s Mocha Latte to add a different spin on it. I cut the cake into the desired shapes, frosted them with more buttercream, and then draped in white fondant. I had not worked with fondant very much, so I ended up short on the skirt. And of course, it is next to impossible to get the same shade twice. So, I could hear my artist mom saying, “there are no mistakes in art, just work with what you have.” So, I tinted fondant a little darker and made the “ruffles” on the tutu. The shoes were also tinted fondant, and I dusted the fondant with Wilton’s luster dust mixed with pure vanilla. I also outlined the cake with a tube of white writing icing.

I took it to her class, and thought I would have left over cake, but all that was left was a little part of a foot of the chocolate and a small piece of the white cake ear. It was a hit!!!!