I got the request to make this Hello Kitty birthday cake. The client had sent me a photo of the cake which I believe came from this site and asked me to substitute butterflies instead of flowers. Since I am not that great with molding fondant into figures I just used the full body cookie cutter and created a Hello Kitty Cookie using Flooding method which I learned with this order.

I had made about 6 cookies total and just included the extra cookies with the cake. I know one was used on the smash cake as well. I thought it turned out beautiful and the cake, although took a lot of time to get the different color fondant ready, was a great outcome and loved by all. Someone else made the cakes and I just decorated them.

The cake was an Almond pound cake which makes the decorating so much easier. The fondant just lays so much more smooth with a denser cake. The bow was a first try as well. Definitely learned some lessons. I made the curls in advance but didn’t make nearly enough. The ones that I made 3 or 4 days in advance dried nicely and worked perfectly. I ended up having to make some more about 8 hours before I had to deliver the cake and they didn’t dry enough so they were a bit droopy. I thought for my first try the bow turned now okay. Definitely want to do another bow to perfect the process.

I did add 2 tsp of gum-tex to my fondant for the bow curls which helped in the stiffness. I put it together with royal icing as well using a bowl to help form the bow. Next time I would use white chocolate as my glue instead of icing because it dries much faster. I didn’t get to see the birthday girl but I hope that she and her friends and family enjoyed this yummy tasting kitty.