I made this Hello Kitty Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, because I wanted to try fondant for the first time, and the design looked easy enough.

I used a box mix and made two 9-inch round layers. I used store-bought frosting to ice the whole thing including between the layers, and refrigerated it overnight. I bought pre-made Wilton white fondant and colored it using the Wilton pink coloring.

For the kitty face, I found a template picture online (just by doing a search on Yahoo for “Hello Kitty image”). I printed 2 of them, one that I cut out as a template for the cat face, then the other I cut out just the bow. I traced and cut the white fondant for the kitty face and put some icing under it so it would stick to the pink fondant on the cake.

Then I colored some fondant purple (using Wilton purple coloring – yes, I know her bow is supposed to be red but I already had purple for a castle cake I was going to make a week later!) and cut out the bow and put that on top. I iced around everything with store-bought black icing (because I hear it’s very hard to make black). I wish I had a steadier hand doing the black, that’s my only criticism. Then I used white frosting with a flowery tip for around the bottom of the cake.

This cake was easy, I have to say! I loved the smooth look of fondant, though I have to say the taste does nothing for me. The kids seem to like it much more than adults (because it tastes like gummy-candy).

I received a lot of compliments on this cake, and my daughter just loved it…weeks later, she’s still talking about her Hello Kitty cake, and she carries a picture of it around in her little purse!