This Hello Kitty Cake Idea was made for my twin girls 5th birthday party. As one of them thinks she’s a princess and the other thinks she’s a dinosaur, Hello Kitty was the only thing they could readily agree on.

The cake was made using an extremely large square cake pan approx 20X20X2. I made two layers of marble cake, leveling both and then cutting them into 4 sections so they would be more manageable. I then filled them with white chocolate vanilla bean filling and stacked them in the large square (now approx 4 1/2 inches tall). I then cut an oval template for the head with ears included and placed it on top. Using a serrated knife I cut around the template going straight up and down and not angling the sides in.

After removing the excess cake and allowing some snacking by little girls who were eagerly awaiting their cake… I crumb coated the cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and put it in the fridge to set.

I made Marshmallow Fondant to cover the outside, reserving some of it for eyes, nose and bow coloring those black, yellow and green respectively. I smoothed it down with a fondant smoother and trimmed the excess off.

Once the buttercream was set I iced the cake with a thicker layer of Buttercream and covered with the white fondant. Placing the 2 inch long black oval pieces for eyes made from the black marshmallow fondant roughly in the center of the cake spaced about 4 inches apart going up and down. I then placed the yellow 2 inch oval piece of marshmallow fondant slightly further down on the cake but turning it so that it was going horizontally rather than vertically on the cake. I then made the bow out of the green marshmallow fondant by taking a large piece and rolling it into a large oval, pinching it in the center to draw up the bow and placing a flattened circle of the same green marshmallow fondant on top. I then cut (6) four inch long pieces of black licorice and placed them on the sides of the cake for whiskers.

The cake was big hit with the family and especially the girls.