It was my mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary so I wanted to bake them a sponge cake to celebrate. I baked a 10 inch maderia cake when it was cold I sliced it into three piecies and filled it with butter cream and jam and sandwiched together.

I then crumb-coated it and put into fridge to chill while I made a frame for a small photo of there wedding day that I had printed off.

I mixed some flower paste icing with some normal roll out icing this hardens more so I can stand the frame up on the cake later. I rolled this out about 3mm thick placed the photo onto the icing and cut out the shape of a frame round it. I then had to cut a square out of the centre of the front of the frame so you can see the picture, then I rolled out a bit more icing to make the back of the frame to hold the photo in. I dampened the back of the frame to the front while the picture was showing and lay it on a flat surface overnight to harden.

I then made a triangle shape to make the stand for the frame and set aside to harden. I then iced the cake in white roll out icing and piped a pattern around the top of the cake and the base of the cake.

I then rolled out some flower paste icing about 2mm thick and with my bell patchwork cutters I started to cut out some bells and set them aside to harden. I then cut out a 5 and 0 and set this aside. I coloured some flowerpaste icing in red to make some small roses, when all the bells had hardened i coloured them in gold and attached them to the cake around the sides, I attached the frame to the cake with icing and attached the red roses in front of the frame then attached the 50.