I had so much fun making this Homemade Barbie Birthday Cake for my baby girl’s first birthday. I have never made anything other than a regular cake and I was very happy with the results.

To start with, I baked the cakes the night before and put them in the refrigerator for the night. I used two boxes of cake mix; the first I baked in a 2 qt glass batter bowl that I slathered with butter and dusted with flour so that it would slide out easily after it was baked. I baked it at 300 degrees and just kept checking it until it was done. I also baked two round cakes with the second box because, according to many, the bowl alone is too short for the Barbie Doll.

The next day, I took one of the round cakes, placed it on the counter and put the other one, which would be the main skirt part, on top. I trimmed the top to match the bottom. By doing this, I lengthened Barbie’s skirt. I used the other bigger round cake as a base.

I then made my buttercream frosting and frosted the base. A good tip is to put wax paper strips around the base of your cake while frosting, so you can just pull them away and have a nice clean platter on which to display the cake, without having to wipe off the frosting.

I set the two smaller rounds on top of each other, on the base, and frosted them. Another good tip to get a smooth finish on your frosting, is to take a plain piece of paper and smooth your frosting with it; it really does work.

After that, I put it in the fridge to let it set because I found that you could smooth it more easily with a paper towel if you let it set. I then inserted the Barbie Doll and got out my frosting tips, that I had never used before, and decorated the cake.

The vines and flowers would have looked much better if I had made a thicker frosting but I was too lazy to refill the bags and do it again. It tasted great and was a hit at the party. This was so much fun and I can’t wait for my son’s birthday. I am thinking Pirates!