This beach theme wedding cake was my second wedding cake. I make a lot of birthday cakes but have only made one other wedding cake. My nephew asked me to make his wedding cake and told me it would be on the beach. He lived 3 hours away from me and wasn’t sure how I would get the cake that far safely.

So I decided to take everything with me and go down the day before to make the cake at the beach house they had rented for the wedding and reception. I baked it at home and took everything I needed to put it together there. I made the shells ahead of time out of white chocolate in shell candy molds. They are held on with a dab of butter creme icing.

I made 2 each of three different sized round cakes placed on top of each other. I covered the cake in butter creme frosting in a ruff pattern rather than smoothing it to give it the effect of water in an aqua blue color. I used crushed graham crackers for sand on the cake and around it on the table. The cake was a total hit and some of the family and guests were able to watch it in progress.