I made this bridal shower doll cake for my friend’s bridal shower. I used my Pampered Chef batter bowl. It makes a dome shaped cake like the Wonder mold.

I baked two cakes and used the top half from one and both of the bottom halves. I made a huge batch of butter cream icing. I used some Wilton’s Icing Color White-White to brighten it so it wouldn’t look off white. I iced between the layers and on the outside of the cake.

I bought a Wilton’s doll pick (top half is a doll and bottom half is a stick) and put her in the cake. Then I took my decorator (you could use tips and a bag) and using the star tip began to make her top, below her waist and the hem. The icing was a little too warm and I had a hard time keeping the cake and icing in place. I put her in the fridge for a while and that helped but you can see where the icing had come out between the layers a little.