I made this Tangled Rapunzel birthday cake for my beloved daughter’s 5 yr’s old birthday with all her favorite stuff – her favorite princess, fruit & M&M. This is a simple to make cake and for a person who know nothing ‘bout baking that started her 1st ever butter cake baking only in Nov 2011, I’m glad that I can make this for her. And, if I can do this, am sure everyone else could and would be able to do it even better.

This is how I prepared the cake:

I made the vanilla cake followed a recipe from The Joy of Baking and bake it in two 8” round pans for a layer cake that stuffed with grape slices and a thin frosting in between of the layer. I personally like cakes with fruit and think that it would be a healthier and yummier cake especially for kids. I decided to use purple color for the frosting since Rapunzel color is purple and it goes well with grapes too. I used the purple gel paste food coloring to make the purple frosting.

To complete the Rapunzel theme, I wanted to have a tower on the cake and did some research on internet, found that those tower making are too challenging for me who is not a pro in baking and know nothing ‘bout fondant. Hence, I decided to make use of anything I can find at home to make the tower. Luckily I came across the pepper shaker and ice-cream cone in my daughter’s kitchen play-set and I used those to make the tower wrapped with a green color string and paste some flower stickers from my daughter’s sticker book to make it the tower feel. I made a cupcake for the tower base to make the tower look taller on the cake. Then, I used the yellow color icing writer from Wilton to extend the Rapunzel hair and write my daughter’s name as if the name was designed from Rapunzel’s long hair. I finished the cake deco with the grapes surrounded the top and bottom of the cake, added the M&M candies in between.

Some guests asked where I bought the cake knowing that I don’t really know baking and some even asked where to buy the tower, which made my day! Hope you like this simple cake too.