This was a Three Tiered Wedding Cake with Roses. The cakes were made with a Madeira sponge recipe and sandwiched with chocolate ganache – which was bought. The three cake sizes were 12″, 10″ and 8″ and then the topper!!

The topper I made from floral Styrofoam covered with cling film and then covered with fondant in the same way as all the other cakes. I handmade the roses which were done with ordinary fondant icing left to dry for a week and then painted with a hardener. I also had to transport the cake to a friend’s wedding some 90 miles away however the two top tiers stayed put and were well dowelled and I just added the roses when I got there along with the piping at the bottom of the ribbon and gold dragees placed with tweezers on each pearl that was piped! This is the first stacked cake that I have made and was anxious but turned out well the key was the dowels that I put in to support the cakes which were each on thin cake boards.

This is the only wedding cake I have made right from “scratch”! I was pleased with it. Practice makes perfect!! I hope I get another chance to do another wedding cake!