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Coolest Ice Chest Filled with Beer Cake 5

by Melissa P.
(San Antonio, Tx)

Homemade  Ice Chest Filled with Beer Cake

Homemade Ice Chest Filled with Beer Cake

I used a couple of ideas on this website and made my own version of a Ice Chest Filled with Beer Cake. I took the ice chest idea and the beer bucket idea and combined them.

This is a four layered yellow cake covered with buttercream icing and topped with marshmallow fondant. On top of the cake I have candy ice and beer bottles that I made of sugar and corn syrup. I made the beer mold by painting 12-14 layers of liquid latex onto a beer bottle. Once each layer was dry (completely) I reapplied (note this took approx 2 days to complete).

If you plan to make this cake you should start with at least a week or more to spare. I started with 2 and a half days and didn't sleep much. I blow dried each layer until they were dry and set my alarm for hour and a half intervals to complete on time. The ice is made of equal parts sugar and corn syrup (I made 1/2 sugar and 1/2 corn syrup at a time microwaved approx 2 mins) and poured into a mold I got at Hobby Lobby. The mold is supposed to be jewels of some sort.

The beer bottles are slightly more work. Equal parts sugar and corn syrup microwaved at 2 min. intervals for 10 min. total. I used 1 cup sugar and 1 cup corn syrup for each bottle and after 10 min. I added root beer candy flavoring that I also purchased at Hobby Lobby. This flavoring already has the brown coloring that is why I chose Rootbeer.

Once it was ready I poured it into the mold I created and turned it until it stopped running. Then I placed it in large cup of ice water to cool it completely. Roll the mold off and there you are, a beer bottle that is absolutely realistic and yummy! If you attempt to make this cake, make sure you use plenty off support inside it. I recommend the hollow round plastic ones they offer more support. I purchased them at Michaels. The candy ice and beer bottles are extremely heavy and along with the weight of the layers and icing you could have a collapsed cake after a lot of work is put into it.

If you notice the bottles in the front of the cake are real, the one you make will not have a bottom so I bought a six pack, used the labels off of 3 and the other 3 were part of the decoration and my gift for his 50th celebration. You can use any beer gut, peel the label off and put on your candy bottles.

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by: Daina

This was the most awesome birthday cake EVER! Melissa you really out did yourself. Thank you for making the party a great success with your wonderful cake creation. Everyone I talk to I show them your work and they are just amazed that it's not a real Ice Chest. You truly have a talent. Keep up the GREAT WORK.

Cool Cake
by: Anonymous

Wonderful, awesome cake, GREAT JOB.

by: Respect

i was wondering you used 1/2 cup of corn syrup and sugar for the ice and a cup of corn syrup and sugar for the beer bottles?

by: Fishfingers

that would be a superhuman effort but the cake looks amazing and i wish that i could make something like that

by: Anonymous

I am making a cake like this for my friend. I am just wondering if you used regular sugar for the ice or isomalt.

Making the beer mold
by: Olga

The beer bottles look amazing! I made latex mold of a half bottle. I would like to try doing the whole bottle doing it your way. Could you please provide more details on making the bottle. Thanks

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