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Coolest Invader Zim Cake

by Linda C.
(Culburra Beach, NSW, Australia)

Homemade Invader Zim Cake

Homemade Invader Zim Cake

It seems there is a popular character on the web called GIR. He is a robot with Vadar Zim (?) and he dresses up in a green dog suit with a big zipper up the front when he visits earth so he doesn't scare the population. My sister thinks he is wonderful. Me?!

So I made her this Invader Zim cake for her birthday. It is GIR jumping out of a turkey. Fans will know exactly what is going on.
To make this cake I baked a fruit cake (but any firm cake would do) in a half ball tin. Then I cut the two sides off so that there was a nice 'turkey' shape. I then cut the ends off the two side pieces. So I was left with the large middle piece for the body - two smaller pieces for the legs and four even smaller pieces which became potatoes.

I covered the cakes in rolled fondant. The turkey body was first covered with white fondant and then a second cover of pink fondant. This I textured with a (new) hard toothbrush to give it a skin look and curled the pink layer out on the top for GIR to burst out of.

For the legs - first I made the bones from fondant over a satay stick and let them harden. Then I covered the 'meaty' part with pink fondant, textured it with the toothbrush and poked the bone in.

To make the turkey look baked-using a paintbrush I stippled the body and legs all over with brown liquid food colouring. The four potatoes were covered with white rolled fondant and coloured with ivory liquid food colour.

I then made some marzipan coloured with orange for sweet potato, carrots and parsnips. The carrots and parsnips need a baked look so I used chocolate essence. The peas were just green coloured rolled fondant - but would have been better if they were marzipan too.

I then arranged them all in an aluminum baking dish. GIR was hand modeled onto a toothpick and popped into the center.

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by: girr

this is the most amazing cake ever


by: Katelin

This is absolutley amazing Invader Zim Is the best show ever This is an awesome cake Good job.A++++++

by: jose smiless

that cake was awsome :)

Too cool!
by: Anonymous

I was the turkey all along!!!!

by: sonic master

it's "invader zim"

by: Anonymous

omg that is the best cake ever!!

by: Gir


Now I'm jealous
by: GIR rules!

I was the turkey! I made mashed potatoes! Now I want a GIR cake.:(

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