A couple of years ago I worked with fondant for the first time when I made a fairy cake for my daughter. It was pretty easy, just time-consuming, so this year I decided to make an iPod Birthday Cake for my son’s 18th birthday.

First I looked at a couple of iPod cake pictures online, then I went to a craft store and purchased a rectangle shaped cake pan and LOTS of fondant. I baked a chocolate cake and after it cooled I place it on a foil covered cardboard cake holder. I lightly frosted it with chocolate buttercream, then I got to work on the decorating.

I made templates for the iPod cake with brown craft paper. I traced the cake pan on the craft paper, then cut out squares for the icons on the iPod. I looked at the icons on my son’s iPod as I worked on the templates. I also added new icons, including his high school mascot, his age, and his birth date. Planning, and making the templates took a lot of time, but really helped once I started on the fondant.

I baked the cake and made all of my templates on day one, then made the fondant shapes and decorated the cake of day two. It took a LONG time to decorate this cake, but it wasn’t difficult. I used a utility knife to cut fondant shapes, using the craft paper templates as guides for each shape. I used a little buttercream frosting to glue pieces together. My son’s iPod has silver trim, so I mixed a little black fondant with some white to make gray. After putting the gray on the cake, I mixed some edible silver powder with lemon juice and brushed it on the gray areas. It definitely looked like metal when done.

I also used fondant to make headphones. I plugged them in with a toothpick (covered with fondant.) The toothpick was the only inedible part of the cake. If you make an iPod cake, I suggest you add the headphones. It made a huge difference in the realistic look of the cake. My son loved the cake!