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Coolest Iron Man Birthday Cake 2

by Julie

Homemade Iron Man Cake

Homemade Iron Man Cake

I made this Iron Man cake for my husband's 26th birthday. He's a huge fan, and we both loved the movie, so I just had to make him a cake!

I just used a rectangular cake and frosted it with chocolate frosting. I used a print-out of the Iron Man mask as a template. I laid it on the cake and poked holes through with a toothpick at all the main points of the mask to "outline" it. I then removed the template and "connected the dots" with chocolate frosting in a piping bag and colored in the areas with red, yellow, & white frosting (this took some time & patience).

My husband loved the end result! It was a very fun birthday for him!

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by: Margaret Wells

Julie, I would like to make this cake for my son's 4th birthday. I have looked on the web for a closeup iron man mask coloring page to use as a template, but haven't found anything like what you used. Would you mind telling me where you got it?

mask template
by: Julie

I couldn't find the exact template of the mask I used for this design, but you can find one similar at:

Hope this helps anyone else who wants to make a similar cake!

This was fun and easy!
by: Pam, Dallas

I did this for my son and used the mask from the Hallmark party package (can find it online at Lots of toothpicks is the trick. And I used a gel vs. icing for the black outline which was easy and more forgiving! Thanks to the girl who inspired me with the original idea!

Iron Man Cake
by: Anonymous

Hey...this looks great. I am going to attempt to make this cake for my son's 3rd birthday in August. Thanks for the tips!

Son 4th birthday
by: Anonymous

I'm going to try to make this cake for my son's birthday wish me luck well try to out a pic up of it when i complete it.

by: Anonymous

love the cake and my soon to be 7yr old will too! His birthday is tomorrow but i cant seem to find a sight to get a template. Can someone give me some advice as where to find one?

i have this coloring image

I can send you the exact coloring page image, I have it and use it. saved it on my computer. but don't know how to give it on here. or maybe you can tell me how to post it.

Great Job!
by: Tracy, TX

Hi Julie,
You did a great job on the cake; I'm inspired to try this for my son's 7th bday next week! Thanks.

by: Tricia, SK

Yay thanks for the great idea!! My sons 4th birthday is coming up and he LOVES Iron Man!!! He also already has the mask so with all the great tips from everyone i am excited to try make this cake!!
Thanks!! :)

Thank you for the great idea
by: Tanya

My son is turning 4 and wants only two things for his birthday:
1. A brain with buttons which can fly and turns into a monster. He swears, he saw it at ToysRus.
2. A chocolate cake with an Ironman.

Thank you so much for sharing your cake picture. At least I can take care of the cake request :-)

by: Grammy Kim

Where did you get the mask template? My soon-to-be 7 year old grandson wants an Ironman cake but I can't find anything to use as the pattern. I wish I had found your picture earlier as I only have the next 5 days to make the cake.

When you don't have a Template...
by: Ann

If you can't find a Template, get yourself an Iron Man coloring book and some clear piping gel. Put a piece of wax paper over the image you want and trace it with the piping gel. Turn the picture onto the cake a gently slide your finger over the gel so that it goes onto the cake. Lift the wax paper and your image will be on the cake. Now your ready to trace it in black icing and fill it in with the colors of your choice. Have fun!!

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