I looked online at hundreds of cakes with a John Deere theme, but couldn’t find any one particular cake that matched what I had envisioned for my son’s first birthday party. I knew I wanted to do a tiered cake with fondant. I had never made a cake covered with fondant, so I did a practice tier a couple of months before his birthday. I was surprised at how easy it was to use the fondant.

For the top and bottom tiers of the John Deere Birthday Cake, I used a sour cream white almond cake with white buttercream frosting under the fondant. For these tiers I used Wilton’s white fondant that I colored with buttercup yellow coloring. For the middle layer, I used a Duncan Hines dark fudge chocolate cake mix with chocolate buttercream. The green fondant was Duff’s buttercream fondant already colored and ready to go. It was easier to work with than the Wilton’s and tasted a little bit better too. I used wooden dowels in the bottom two layers to support the tiers. I shoved them in the cake, marked the level, and snipped them with a pair of pliers. I put the top two tiers on plastic covered cake circles the exact size of the tier. I used 10″, 8″, and 6″ tiers. I used the Wilton fondant mat to roll the fondant on. It is marked with lines that I used to cut the stripes.

I used a set of round cookie cutters to cut the circles. I used a sharp blade to freehand cut the John Deere emblem. I simply wet the back of the fondant to get it to stick to the fondant that covered the tier. I crushed up two Oreo cookies for the “dirt” that the two tractors were sitting in on top.

I hope you enjoy my creation!