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Coolest Jungle Animal Safari Cake 69

by Jessica H.

Homemade Jungle Animal Safari Cake

Homemade Jungle Animal Safari Cake

I made this Jungle Animal Safari cake for my little boy's 1st birthday party. Actually when I started getting the idea for this cake, that's when I decided I wanted a Jungle Animal Safari theme.

This is a three tier cake, the bottom being a 12x18 half sheet "zebra" cake. I prepared mixtures of both vanilla and chocolate cake and used decorating bags to rotate between flavors as I pour the batters into the pan. The two top tiers are 8in and 6in and were pineapple flavor with coconut filling.

Once I had all the cakes baked and cooled I started by icing the "zebra" cake in white icing. Then I airbrushed green and a little bit of brown to give it the jungle feel. Then I marked where I was going to place the top tiers and inserted dowel rod inside that area to support the top tiers. I then prepared and iced the two top tiers with white icing. Then using a small spatula I made lines and indentions all over those cakes to give them the mountain texture. I then airbrushed brown and orange. Then one by one I stacked them in their place on top of the "zebra" cake.

Once I had them all stacked and iced, I began the fun part... decorating! First I placed the cave on top of the top tier and placed the lion coming out of it. Then I made the waterfall with clear decorators gel dyed blue. The water went around the bottom of the top tier and down the sides of the bottom tier and rested into a lake. With white icing I made the foam on the waterfall. I used white icing colored brown to make rocks along the sides of the river and waterfall and in various places around the cake. I used white icing colored green to make vines around the whole cake. Around the very bottom of the cake I used a leaf tip with green icing to make the border. I placed the animals and palm trees all around the cake then added the best part... my baby's name! First I drew his name in brown then retraced it in orange to make it pop.

And that is how it is done! Good luck making your safari cake!

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