My daughter loves the show Jungle Junction on Disney and insisted on having a “Blue Lumpy” (it’s what she calls Ellyvan her favorite character) cake for her 3rd Birthday. I searched and searched for someone who made a Jungle Junction cake or a pre-made cake kit and had no luck. Even Disney hasn’t released figurines or toys yet so I knew I had to attempt to make her one myself.

This was my first time using Fondant and making a cake for someones birthday. I do wish I had went with a regular sheet cake and added the figures on it but it’s not in my nature to try to do something the easy way…lol.

I did a 3 tier cake. I used a 10″, 8″ and a 6″ for the different cakes. I used Strawberry cake mix for all layers of the cake and used homemade butter cream in between the layers and fondant. I mixed in food color to my plain white chocolate fondant for the green fondant covering all the cakes. It was my first attempt with the Fondant and I now know – cover the cake with the fondant where you plan on leaving it. In other words do not attempt to move the cakes once covered in fondant as it will crumple :(

Anyways I baked an extra 6″ cake and cut a rectangle shape out of it to become Ellyvan. I then covered him in blue fondant, added eyes, ears, wheels, headlights and his trunk. We made Zooter with pink fondant. Then I chose to do the 5 beetle bugs also all fondant except for their antennas. I used floral wire for that and just made sure we removed it before anyone ate any of them.

I had planned on making palm trees to go at the top with Zooter and Ellyvan but ran out of fondant and no time to make more so we just purchased the table topper palm trees from the dollar tree.

It’s not the best cake but my daughter LOVED it and was so happy she got her “blue lumpy” homemade jungle junction cake. It was really cool that the Elephant was a little cake b/c we just took it off of the top and gave it to my daughter as her special piece of cake.