This Jungle Safari cake was my first big order for a cake I received from a friend for her 2 sons, Caden and Jack! She presented me with the invitation for the party and when I saw Jungle Safari, so many ideas popped into my mind.

This cake also needed to be gluten free, so I was prepared to make much more than I was used to since the gluten free cakes I have made in the past do not seem to rise as much as regular cake batters.

To start I made 2 1/4 sheet cakes for the bottom layer and filled with sugar free butter cream icing. The top layer was 1 6″ round cake and cut and filled that also with sugar free butter cream icing.

Now the fun part…decorating this cake was a lot of fun but took a lot of time. All of the animals were created by hand with fondant and prepared days in advance. The only animal that was created at the last minute was the hippo because he was a last minute decision. The zebra was the only animal I had to actually paint the stripes on by hand with black food coloring.

The animals sat upon the bottom layer which was the 1/4 sheet cakes covered in white fondant and I used sugar sheets cut out by hand to give the zebra stripe look. The round cake atop the bottom cake was covered in a yellow orange fondant and then I cut out unique shapes to add to give the appearance of a giraffe body.

Around that cake I also cut out green fondant to look like blades of grass. Then to cover my edges as I always do…I made small balls out of fondant to place around each cake. The kids love to eat them!

The tree you see on the cake is the only no edible piece of the cake. I couldn’t get my tree out of fondant to stand well, so I had to make a last minute call and use a prop I had in my supplies.

All in all, I think the cake turned out wonderful and my friend and all of her family and friends raved about the cake and couldn’t believe I actually made all the whole thing by hand! It was a lot of fun! And for my first large fondant cake, I was very happy with the outcome!