This was supposed to be for my sons’ 1st birthday party – I had in mind what the cake would look like and thanks guys for your pics too….. they helped me a lot. I started off believing that I was going to complete one cake with all the fondant jungle animals on top but then I started off completing two seperate cakes and then “joining them” together. The first cake was a citrus (lemon/ orange) madeira cake and the second cake was a chocolate mud cake.

All the characters were made by me using the you-tube tutorials (great ideas and instructions from all involved) and were all made from fondant.

I started off with the elephant which I then made into a girl elephant with a flower in her hair. Then went on to doing the monkey and decided that he should have a bow tie. (first attempt at making the monkey mouth so quite happy with it). Next I decided to do the grandpa crocodile with the party hat on. The last thing I did was the lion but mummy decided to spoil the surprise and show Ben so he was quickly repaired at the end – could have made him better looking.

I then wanted to tie in the tablecloth with the cake and therefore made a different border for each of the cakes not that you can see this in the pic. Followed it off with having the letters on the cake follow on from each other and that was that. Please let me know what you think!! Everyone at the party thought it was great and that it was bought which was a great compliment but the biggest compliment was my son’s eyes lighting up when he saw it.

Now I have my family asking me to complete other cakes so we’ll see what happens…. maybe you’ll see more photos from me in the future. take care and all the best with your own endeavours