My kids spend ages looking through my cake books choosing their cakes (up until they’re about 21 if the current list is anything to go by!) so there are always lots of ideas. With this one, for my son’s third birthday, I decided to try and combine a few ideas and made a Knight Rescuing Princess from Dragon Birthday Cake.

I adapted Carol Deacon’s ‘Dinosaur’ cake for the base and put, again an adapted version of, Debbie Brown’s ‘Spooky Tower’ on top. Finally I put Debbie Brown’s knight fighting the dragon.

I used a round cake for the base, carved it to make it look like a rock (and to give a jutting out bit to support the somewhat fragile knight!) and then covered with marbled sugar paste. This dinosaur I shaped, flattened and then wrapped around the rock. I put a sugar paste bolder under his head to add some support. I then added spikes on his back and a wing on one side.

I tried lots of different things for his teeth but what worked best is rolling a thin sausage of white sugar paste, sticking it in and then indenting it with the back of a knife to make points.

The tower is a square cake cut into quarters, stacked, shaped and then covered in sugar paste. I supported it through the cake with dowels. The ones I had bought were too long and stuck out the top so I just made them into flag poles!

The knight is made from sugar paste and painted with the ‘antique silver’ glitter dust. I made him in advance and then added him but the dust made him very brittle: in fact his arm broke in two places as I lifted him onto the cake, thank goodness for sugar glue! So I probably would make him at the same time as the dragon if I did it again.

Finally I put the remaining sugar paste round the edge of the cake board as boulders and covered the board with desiccated coconut colored green and black for grass and gravel.