My daughter was having a laser tag party and wanted to have a Laser Tag Cake to match. The attached is what I came up with. I made two 8″ round cakes using 1 cake box. I iced it in butter cream icing and then covered it in fondant. The fondant I used was store bought Wilton. One package (24 oz, I think) was plenty for the cake and decorations.

For the laser gun, I found a picture of a gun on-line. I covered the picture with parchment and then traced/filled it in with color flow icing (similar to royal). The gun took overnight to completely dry. To make the bulls eyes, I used a package of circle cookie cutters and used fondant. They were made with white and red (dyed with Wilton coloring).

I made a large circle of red and inside a medium and a small circle of red. I then made the same in white (large, medium, small inside each other). That way, it could be layered, red outside, then white, then a red circle in the middle. I sporadically placed the bulls eyes on the cake and the gun atop the morning of the party. I drew the laser dots with yellow butter cream. I did the bottom of the fondant with stars and a yellow center to hide the edge.

It was a hit! The people at the laser tag establishment even took pictures!