I made this Homemade Lego Universe Cake for my son’s 10th Birthday. He wanted a cake in the design of Lego Universe logo. I made a 9X13 vanilla cake and leveled it. For the oval dome I used the top of an 8 in round cake that I had frozen from a previous cake (I would have used the top of the 9X13 cake but when I was taking the cake out of the pan, it broke so I couldn’t use the top).

I made my own butter cream icing and applied a crumb coat first. I let that crust a little (about 30 min) then iced it with white icing. I sprayed the cake with Wilton blue spray and then also some purple below the dome and some black on the left upper corner. However, the black wasn’t coming out very black. So I ended up using black sprinkles to bring it out.

For the purple rocks, I used rock candy from a local confectionary and also crushed some blue rock candy for the dome along with some blue sprinkles. I used blue colored icing to outline the dome with tip #150.

For the Lego logo on the dome, I used candy melts colored red. I made a square shape on wax paper and let it dry. Then I used a knife to edge it. I used white icing for the LEGO letters.

Around the cake my son wanted lego candy figures and the word LEGO on the front. I have Lego ice trays molds that can also be used for candy (I got them at a Lego Store). I colored white candy melts blue, red and yellow to make the molds and then just freehanded the letters on some wax paper. Border was blue icing with star tip #18.

Finally, the Universe letters were made with Wilton yellow fondant. I drew the letters on parchment paper and cut them out. Then I used them as templates on the fondant.

My son loved the cake and I had a lot of fun making it.