I made this Homemade Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 3rd birthday and really bit off more than I could decorate with this cake. I will never be making it again unfortunately!!!

The cakes used to make this were two large baking dish sized trays – like a slab cake sized. I drew up a template of a shape of the car using a toy car my kids owned. The first slab had wheel holes cut out of it and the second was cut into 3 pieces, the roof, the bonnet (or hood for American people reading) and the scoop at the rear of the car. Sorry I cannot be of more help with all their shapes I did all this cake by sight and hand cut them out with a sharp knife, it’s all a big blur really! LOL

I used tooth picks to hold on the back wing as it wasn’t stable to sit on it’s own. Then I covered the entire car in a basic butter cream icing.

I made four different coloured batches of Marshmallow fondant, Red – which was very hard to get as it kept on being pink!!!! Black, white and Yellow. Oh and a tiny bit of blue stolen out of the while for his eyes!

The tires was in first, then the red for the body went on and all the details like lights, lightning bolts, windows and my nephews name along the back! All stuck with sugar paste. The fondant cracked and wasn’t able to be smoothed over with the right tool as it was such an unusual shape :-( But I tried my best and even used those small silver balls as nuts on the wheels! Now that did my head in! I suppose I am a glutton for punishment! Hope you agree though it does look ok and tasted even better!!!