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Coolest Lightning McQueen Cake 141

by Kirk T.
(Perth, Western Australia)

Homemade Lightning McQueen Cake

Homemade Lightning McQueen Cake

Homemade Lightning McQueen Cake
Homemade Lightning McQueen Cake
Homemade Lightning McQueen Cake
Homemade Lightning McQueen Cake

Firstly, you shouldn't be listening to any advice I give. I don't make cakes as such. I'm a 30 year old Australian Dad, who just makes his kids their cakes. I have no training and possibly no idea when it comes to baking. In the past I have searched the net for a cake recipe for my annual bake. I only make and decorate cakes for my son's birthday (he just turned three) and now I have 2 sons so there will be two cakes each year. I have always put effort into the cakes I make and have gathered interest from my wife's friends to see what kind of cake I'm going to reveal for the birthday party.

This Homemade Lightning McQueen Cake is my third cake ever. I used this site for ideas and inspiration, so I thought I should contribute. I can't offer too much in the way of advice, and please forgive me for my lack of technical knowledge.

The first thing I did was searched on the net for an image of all the stickers over the body of Lightning Mcqueen. I stumbled across a forum which was based upon model cars for the "Cars" movie where the forum members made their own art for the model cars. These were probably created on some sort of CAD program. I found a high resolution image of all the stickers that I would need.

I then searched for a profile image of Lightning Mcqueen. I used a computer to scale and overlay the sticker images over the profile of the car and adjust them where required. This was done, so I could print the stickers (decals) on edible paper - it was actually like edible icing sheets (very thin), but I don't know the name. I had it printed at a patisserie anyway.

I printed out a couple of copies of the profile of the car on A3 normal office paper, so I could use it as a guide to size rims and tyres and use it as a stencil to carve the car. I used a toy car to scale the approximate dimensions.

I made the wheels out of red and black precoloured fondant. I just moulded them over a plastic egg that I found in the boy's toy box. Then used an icing (frosting) pen to add the wheel details. These were made the night prior to cake construction.

I used a few large tins to make a chocolate mudcake for the body, which took forever to cook - amateur mistake. I should have used smaller tins and more of them. Anyway, I let them cool and stacked the cakes and went to work on carving the cake. I would use the stencil I printed on A3 to get the profile right, but the rest was carved by eye.

The next step, I made up some dark coloured butter icing (frosting) and covered the entire car. I chose a dark colour in case any of the fondant I would apply later did not cover some areas (this wasn't an issue, but I just covered all bases).

I then started with the windows. I had white fondant and precoloured black and red fondant at my disposal. I rolled some white and black fondant to get the grey for the windows. I cut just enough to cover the windows and then tapered the fondant near the edges of the windows so that the red fondant wouldn't have a bump under it. The white fondant was rolled and used on the mouth and windscreen. I then rolled the worlds largest sheet of red fondant and found the best way to transfer it over the cake was by putting some baking paper over the fondant and rolling it all around the rolling pin. I then unrolled it over the car body. I don't know how the professionals do it, but that worked.

Using a small ball of red fondant, I rolled this over the body to smooth it out as I saw this trick on a youtube video. Once happy that the body was smooth (or smooth enough for my skills), I cut the mouth and windows out to reveal the white and grey fondant that was underneath. I then rolled out the rear spoiler ant propped it with toothpicks until it could support itself as it hardened slightly. The tooth picks were then removed.

Next it was time to add the stickers. From memory I just cut around them with a knife and added a touch of water to the surface that they had to be applied to. The edible images were added where needed - even the text on the tyres are edible images. That part was very easy.

I went to bed at around 3am, so I could get a solid 3 or 4 hours sleep for the party the next day. Our boy was impressed with Dad's efforts.

Sticker Tempates:

I've got the sticker template down to 2 x A4 sheets. The side stickers are too big to fit everything onto 1 A4 sheet. There are slightly different sizes of some stickers too, just because I had a lot of space left over on the second sheet, so thought I may as well fill it.

Sticker Template 1

Sticker Template 2

If you want to print these at A4, it will be about the same size I used on my cake which was about 14in x 9.5in (36cm x 24cm). Having these as image files, you will be able to resize them to a size that will suit. I took mine to get printed as PDF files, but it doesn't allow much flexibility to resize. I have png files of the images as well, which print marginally better (but it is very very marginal), except the file size is around 2MB per image as opposed to 300KB for jpeg. Some of the smaller stickers get a little pixelated, but you don't notice on a cake. Anyway, feel free to do with them as you wish.

If you want the png files - let me know. Anyone who wants the original images or publisher file can contact me directly - I have already posted my email in the comments section below.

Comments for Coolest Lightning McQueen Cake 141

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by: Anonymous

This is incredible! I wouldn't even attempt it! Looks great!

Lighting Mcqueen
by: William

Wow what a great cake. I have grandkids that I Make cakes for but they are not as detailed as yours. Great, Great, Great Job.

by: LT

This is the best Lightning McQueen cake I've seen! I am attempting to make one myself and this will help me a lot. Thanks for posting.

I do have one question ... Where do I get the stickers from?? I can't find any high resolution images on the net. You didn't save them by any chance?

Stickers & Eyes?
by: Anonymous

Do you remember what forum you used to get the decal/sticker graphics?

And how did you do the eyes? They look amazing! The whole car is amazing!!

by: Kirk T.

Thanks for the comments. Sorry to take a while to get back. If you are chasing the stickers, send me an email ... and I'll see what I can do. I have them arranged in Microsoft publisher and some sheets in PDF format that suit the size of my cake.

Your Awsome
by: Naomi

Man if you were my husband I would get you to make all the Birthday cakes. I think you have topped it on this one. Looks great its for eating. Bet it tasted great.

Wow! Nice Job, Dad!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for such detailed instructions! Especially handy advice for applying and smoothing the red fondant. Your kids are blessed to have such a daddy!

Another tip...
by: Kirk T.

I forgot to add:

Once you have applied the white fondant for the mouth and eyes, cover it with a small piece of baking paper about the same size as the eyes and mouth, so that when you roll the red fondant, the red doesn't colour the white. Once the red fondant has been applied, remove the baking paper when you cut the eyes and mouth shapes out of the red fondant.

The best
by: Anonymous

The best Mcqueen cake ive seen! :)

Still emailing images.
by: Kirk T.

I've probably had 30 requests for the sticker emails since posting up the pics. I'm still happily emailing them out, so if you want them, just ask.



by: Anonymous

Great details. Very talented dad. Thanks for your detailed discription on how you did the cake. It helped me with making one for my nephew.

by: Chabela

Hi, Your cake look amazing!! Congratulations!!! i would like to know if you could please send me the pictures of the stickers. I need to make a cake and it is very difficult to find them, Thank you

I really appreciate it.
Have a sweet day!!

by: Kirk T.

Chabela - no worries. I'll flick them through soon.

Sticker templates above.
by: Kirk T.

Hi everyone,

I really appreciate the interest in this cake. I have recieved heaps of emails over the past year requesting the sticker templates (about 2 or 3 per week). Elad has helped me out by hosting the templates on this page. Please see just above the start of the comments above. There should be two links to the template pages. I am still recieving requests via email. Could you please look on this page for the links to the templates. If you still can't find them, then feel free to email. :)
Thanks again.


Awesome !
by: Lisa

Very impressed - im attempting one this week - if its half as good I will be ecstatic ! well done

by: Anonymous

you are truly bless man, for no experience you are gifted. just plain out amazing.

a******* best one iv seen
by: Anonymous

thats wicked could you please send me the files i cant wait to try it out

cake pans
by: Anonymous

What size cake pans did you use and how many? What method did you use to carve the cake? It has been the best one I have seen so far, so I am interested in getting mines to look just like yours!

by: Tegan

For your third cake ever...this is AMAZING!! It's great that you can learn so much from the internet. I was wondering if you have the template for the profile of the car as i'd like to attempt making one myself (although i doubt it will be anywhere near as awesome as yours). Could you email it to me at

Thanks you!

Great work!!!!
by: Annette

What an amazing cake.
I'm very glad that I've found your description. Because of you, I have the posibility to make my boy the happiest child on his 3 year old birthday next tuesday, if I can make it look just it bit like yours :)
Thanks a lot for sharing your great work

Annette, Denmark

by: Irene

Your boys are blessing with an amazing father. I spent three days finding the stickers and template for my grandson cake, until I found yours. Thank you so much for share. Will you please send the template to my email - I appreciate. Thank you.

by: Irene

Please, I going to make mcqueen, will you send the template. I appreciate, thank you.

Sticker Sheets are on this page.
by: Kirk T.


Thankyou for the comments, I'm flattered.
I sent you the sticker templates along with a side profile and tutorial document yesterday. Sometimes it is best to email me directly (my email address is on a comment above) as the comments on this site can take a few days to be put up after you submit them. Links to the 2 sticker templates are on this page - Please scroll up.

Please let me know if you have or have not recieved my emails as I sent it again this morning to the email you supplied.

If you have not, please email me: and I will reply straight away.

For others looking for the templates, please check this page prior to contacting me. The templates are on this page. If you require further information I am more than happy to help.

Thanks again to everyone for the interest and comments.


by: Anonymous

Kudos to you, fantastic job on the cake! Thank you sooooo much for sharing your instructions and the sticker templates. I was wondering how on earth I was going to make a Lightning McQueen cake and am so thankful I stumbled upon your instructions. You are very talented, can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

mc queen template
by: siamak

Please, I going to make mcqueen, will you send the template. I appreciate, thank you.

by: Nayeli

I loved yout take on this cake, very practical, the stickers can save a lot of time, have loads to do for my kid's party and this will save me hours. Thanks for all the good tips

This is awesome! Well Done
by: Jen

If I make a cake the exact same size as you made, will the sticker templates you provided be the same size as the ones on your car or will I still need to size them?

by: Mira

You need to know that you are a Godsend. If I didn't have those sticker templates, I would've sunk my face into the car cake and cried. And the fondant colours would've run everywhere. THANK YOU!

Thanks again
by: Kirk T.


To be honest I cant remember. I had it all set to a certain size on my computer and when I had them printed out at the patisserie the stickers were slightly smaller than I had planned and slightly smaller than the test sheets I had printed on test paper at home, but I just went with what I had. Best to search for a side profile on the net and check against that. I just checked on my computer and the images above are set for a 36cm (14.1 inches) long cake. Open a profile image up and view at 100% - stretch the profile image up to 36cm or 14.1 inches. If you are viewing at 100% you should be able to measure with a ruler on the computer screen for a rough size. Print that on A3 paper and use that as a side stencil to carve the cake. The option is there to resize the stickers. Always print them off and check against the profile before paying for edible images.

by: Tanya

Found this while searching for templates and then found that you're located in Perth WA too! So awesome and so good of you to offer these out to people! Brilliant work.

Hi from South africa
by: Helena


Thank you sooooo much for the templates. I do party cakes for a living and is always looking for the lighting mcqueen signage, now i have them for life.

by: Ann

Hi Kirk! I have found your beautiful McQueen cake in the net while searching for template for my 3-year old son’s birthday cake. If you would be so kind and give me some more information about how you make your cake I would be appreciate. I have following questions:
-what was the measurement of the silver pad under the cake?
-have you got some pictures during making the cake?
-are there 2 layers of cake with the sugar filling between them (I mean the part with eyes and windows)?
-have you got the template you used to curve the outlines?

Thank you in advance for your help!

by: Kirk T.

Hi Ann,

To answer your questions:
I don't have the board anymore, but it was about 450mm x 450mm - at a guess.
Yes I have more pics, and a bit of tutorial.
The cake itself isn't fancy - think basic... I probably just joined the cake blocks together with butter icing or jam.
Do a google image search for lightning McQueen side profile and you should get some low resolution images. Just enlarge them for a profile to get the size you want. It doesn't matter if they become pixelated.


by: Mummy4

Thank you so much for sharing the copies of the car sticker prints I have been looking for over 2 years to find this exact thing already done as I'm not that great with computers and there's nothing and people are not willing to share there's as I know it takes a bit of time to get it all together so a big thank you you are amazing and your cakes are excellent especially for your 3rd cake I'm sure there are a lot of other mums/dads out there with cars fans children that appreciate your sharing this 😀

Size of car cake
by: Anonymous

Hiya I love your car and am thinking of doing the same with the stickers, what was the size of your car cheers x

Size cake
by: Kirk T.

Thanks. 36cm or about 14 inches when printed on A4... You can resize them to suit whatever you want. Search for a side profile of Lightning McQueen in google images... They are low quality images but they are ok to enlarge to your desired size and print on A3 to make a stencil.

Can't wait to give it a try
by: Betty

I Wanted to say awesome job on the cake, but most of all thank you for supplying the templates for the car decorations, I actually found a place on line that would print them on sugar paper for me and mail them! My grandsons 5th birthday is next month and he wants this cake so he shall have it, thanks to you!

Definitely the best one!
by: Laura

This is so great! I am travelling two days I need to get this cake done and I was freaking out thinking about how I would manage to get it done and get my packing done as well! This saves me so much time. Thank you so much for sharing.
Great job, by the way! It's the most authentic looking Mcqueen cake I've seen so far... and I've seen a LOT of them :)!

Awesome cake
by: Jana

Thank you for posting such detail and sharing your hard work - its refreshing to come across people willing to share tips with others. Going to try this in 2 days for my son's third birthday. Thanks!

email pngs please
by: Anonymous

wow. this is amazing, exactly what my little boy asked for. Any chance you can send me the pngs so I can edit them with his name instead?

by: Carla419

Absolutely brilliant!!! Best one I have seen so far!

Awesome cake
by: Anonymous

This is awesome! You are very talented. Obviously I like most others are having to create a lightning mcqueen cake for a upcoming birthday...can you please email me the sticker templates so I can get them printed and also the instruction tips you mention in other posts....thanks so much!

by: celiiineee


Can't Download Stickers?
by: Kirk T.

Hi everyone.
Once again, thanks for the continued interest and comments via email and messages. I have a few people comment that they can't download the templates and some saying they have to sign up to a monthly subscription prior to downloading (???) the templates. I have tried both saving the template images and printing them directly from the web. Both seem to work just fine and I haven't subscribed to anything. The links are above. Directly under the heading "Sticker Templates", it has written "Sticker Template 1" and "Sticker Template 2". Click on those links. They are just jpeg files. If you still are having troubles, please send me an email or leave your email address so I can send them to you.

Thanks again.

Need the stikers
by: Maclen


I'd like you send me the original file, so i can resize it, because for the size of my cake, i get a little trouble with quality of the image.

Thank you very much.

amazing cake art
by: amy

Hi canyou give me the patterns you use for the fondant? U are amaxing.i like to make my own also...

Hi Amy
by: Kirk T.

Hi Amy
Thanks for your comment. You can download the images from a link on this page if yyou scroll up just above the start of the comments. Or send me an email : or post your email here and I will send them to you. Sometimes it can take a while for these comments to appear once posted.

by: Vera

Would u mind sharing the template for the car?Am I able to mail you please?


Lightning McQueen Cake
by: Kuzette

Hi! I have been browsing the internet for a Lightning McQueen cake template for weeks now...only to find yours today (3 days before I must deliver the cake!) Can you please send me the templates?! My e-mail is kuzettedt[at]gmail[dot]com. Your cake is so nice!!

Thank you!!



by: Parti Kelebegi


Will you please send the template to my email partikelebegi[at]gmail[dot]com?
Thank you very much!

by: Kirk T.

The templates are being kindly hosted on this site.

Scroll up and click on "Sticker Template 1" and "Sticker Template 2".

I will continue to send to email addresses supplied, but messages can take some time to appear here.

Please search first. You could probably put "Lightning Mcqueen Template" into google images as well and they will appear in the first few results too.

Thanks for the interest.


Thank you
by: Cancelita Makaduro


Thank you for sharing the template.
It helped me a lot for doing my first 3D Lightning McQueen cake. :)

Help Me Please
by: Rehab


First, I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us.

I want to make the 3D Lighting Mcqueen cake, but I am very confused about the cake size and dimensions. Please let me know the cake dimensions and if it fit with the template. I don't have experience with 3D cakes. I want the cake to serve 25 people. Can you tell me the dimensions of cake and size of the pan. Thanks!

by: DK

This cake is amazing!!

I would like to receive the templates please!! My email is dkmussali[at]gmail[dot]com.

Also, how many people does this cake serve?

Lightning McQueen Cake
by: Steve

Hi! First off, best Lightning cake I've seen. Very impressive. Just wanted to ask about how you got the cake dimensions. I understand how you got the length and image, but how did you get the width or depth of the cake.

by: Anny

Is it possible to send me the template?

I would love to make it for my goddaughter's birthday.


This Cake Is Amazing
by: Katie

I am going to attempt to make this cake as well. Thank you so much for posting the stickers. Do you think that you could send the templates to me as well? misskates9[at]hotmail[dot]com

sticker templates I y II
by: Joha

Hello! I want to know how I can get exactly those super large size stickers, but for a McQueen twin bed. Please comment or reply to johacol.h at gmail dot com

Thank you.

---------------- q me interesa saber cómo puedo conseguir exactamente esos sticker pero tamaño super grande para la cama twin de mcqueen. Cualquier cosa al johacol.h at gmail dot com


Lightning McQueen Cake Templates
by: Solcita

Hi! I'm very interested in the original image templates used for this cake.

My mail is solcitasantana[at]gmail[dot]com

Thanks and regards!

by: Maggie

Great job! BEST I have seen.

Awesome Cake
by: Warda

That's the best McQueen cake I have ever seen. My son will turn three after two weeks. He loves McQueen and I want to bake and make him one. Can you please share dimension templates with me? I really can sort out dimensions of cake.

Lovely cake
by: Kemie

Hi! This cake is so well detailed. Please send me an email with the pdf details. Please!

I would be so grateful! And once again, good job.

Also, what size pan did you use for the car (assuming you carved it out)?

Cake Size
by: Kirk T.

Hi. Thanks for your comments.
If you use this side profile (hopefully this link works, or else cut and paste into your browser / web address bar)...

Print that out on A3 paper so the car itself is 36cm (14 inches) from front bumper to back bumper. You may need to stretch the image. Use that as a side template. Print the images in the links two template links at the top of this page and print them as full size images that take up full A4 sheets. You can resize these to whatever you require, but just remember to resize the side template too. As for the width of the car, I'm trying to remember how big it was, but it was 4 years ago and most of it I just cut by eye. I would guess the width to be about 18 - 20cm (7 or 8 inches). You can make the block out of 1 big cake or lots of small ones joined together - It doesn't matter. The links to the sticker templates, are at the top of this page. Thanks and good luck with your cakes.


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