I made this Lightning McQueen cake for my son’s 5th birthday, using a 16-12 3 inch high oval pan that I carved down. Carve off the sides and place side by side on top for the cab.

Tires are rice krispies treats covered in embossed and decorated fondant. The real challenge was constructing the case to sit up off the board and appear to be riding on the tires. The checkered flag is also out of fondant.

All in all, it came out pretty good. I need to work on my fondant making and draping so I can start to get smoother, more matte surface, and also to get the fondant decorations rolled out thinner without stretching or distorting when moving. I used MMF that I made at home. Next time I might buy some premade and see if it is significantly easier to work with.

The cake inside was a Colette Peter’s chocolate cake recipe that tasted GREAT!