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Coolest Lightning McQueen in the Winner's Circle Cake 105

by Melanie L.
(Decatur, AL US)

Homemade Lightning McQueen in the Winner's Circle Cake

Homemade Lightning McQueen in the Winner's Circle Cake

I made this cake for my friend's son for his 2nd birthday. I wanted to use the character cake pan, because he is so detailed - but I knew it would not be big enough. So I used a 14 -inch round 2-layer cake for the base, then used the Wilton character cake pan for the car.

I wanted to give the impression that he was in the winner's circle, in the middle of the track. I only used a small amount of batter in the car pan - so he would not be too tall. I iced the base cake in white frosting, then used blue spray color all over. After that set up, I placed Lightning McQueen on top & began to decorate (I sort of used the directions that came with the cake pan, I just tweaked them a bit).

When I finished decorating the car, I tinted fondant with black gel color & rolled it out to put along the sides of the cake (for the racetrack). I secured it to the sides of the cake with a little frosting, then piped the white lines on the road. I used the left-over bags of red, yellow, & orange to pipe edges on the top & bottom of the cake, as well as for the confetti surrounding Lightning McQueen. I just used a boxed mix for the cakes (3) & canned frosting mixed with confectioner's sugar for the icing (works as well as lard icing - but tastes so much better!).

The fondant was ready-made, also. For the piping, I used #16 & #18 tips for the coloring, and # 3 tips for the outlines. This was only my second attempt at using fondant. I have never tried to cover an entire cake with it, just details, but I'm getting less afraid of it ;0)

This homemade Lightning McQueen in the winner's circle cake feeds a LOT of people - they probably had some leftovers.

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