I made this Lightning Mqueen Birthday Cake for my daughter’s friend’s little boy and it was the first cake that I made and decorated myself. I asked my daughter’s friend what her little boy was into and we came up with this design.

I was very nervous when I had to hand the cake over but I didnt need to be, her little boy was thrilled with it. The cake itself is made using a family recipe, it’s a plain white vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam. This is then covered in white icing. I made the Lightning Mqueen car a couple of weeks in advance, well I actually made two versions and was not happy with the first. So I destroyed the first one and made my second car. Luckily THIS ONE TURNED OUT MUCH BETTER.

The racing grid is simply squares measured out to all the same size and stuck onto the top of the cake with a little bit of water. I had lots of trouble with the border on the sides of the cake and had to do it about 4 times until I was reasonably happy with it. The trophy is made out of fondant and then sprayed with edible gold paint. Finaly the little boys name is just letters that are stickers and I stuck them onto a piece of paper and attached these to straws and then stuck these into the back of the cake. All in all I was really happy with it and so was Connor.