I really didn’t think I could do this Little Einsteins cake but after three hours, the cake was complete and I learned a lot.

To make this cake, I started with a two cake mixes, a rectangle cake pan, a round cake pan, and a small batter bowl. Bake your cakes according to package directions and mix your icing to achieve bright colors. Place the round cake on top of the sheet cake, positioning it towards the back. Shave a little of the round cake off to look more like Rocket.

On top of the round cake, place the batter bowl cake, secured with icing. Ice red but leave space for the windows in the front and back. I patted the icing down with my finger tip to smooth it. Ice the windows blue and pat, pat, pat! For the rocket boosters, I used Twinkies secured with toothpicks. To mount the rudders on top of the boosters, I cut the edges off graham crackers with a serrated knife and inserted the cracker into the Twinkies before frosting.

The headlamps were easy… gumdrops attached with toothpicks although they were heavy and have to be positioned at a slight angle. For the antenna on top, I colored the stick of a red tootsie roll pop with a permanent marker and inserted. This was very heavy and required a lot of icing build-up. Perhaps a dum-dum would have been lighter and easier to keep in place.

I frosted the sheet cake in green and used a fork to form the grass. The Einstein characters were from Target and they are top heavy so I had to shove them into the cake a little bit. The “Happy Birthday” banner was found at Party City and would blink and play “Happy Birthday.”

My daughter loved her Rocket cake!