Since Einstein is the only show little Khalil will watch, it was fitting to make his first birthday cake with that theme. This Little Einsteins Rocket Cake was pretty easy, as there were no difficult shapes to deal with. First I baked an 8×3 and 10×3 round cake. I refrigerated them for 10 minutes and got to carving. Sorry I dont have more pictures, I did this one on my own, and was in the zone.

After the cake was carved I did a crumb coating of buttercream. The recipe I used called for butter and shortening, and had a great consistency for fondant preparation. It was thick but spreadable. Sorry I usually google as I go in terms of which frosting to use so I dont have the recipe, but it would be very easy to find one online. I then covered it in the red marshmallow fondant I prepared the night before and refrigerated. Red is not the easiest color to obtain in fondant. I used 2 bags of marshmallows which required 6 jars of Wilton’s No Taste red food coloring, and it turned out great.

The rutters are all fondant, and as you may have noticed are missing the connective piece from rutter to rocket. This was due to time constraints. I was also going to put a supportive dowel throught the cake and also use it as the base for the antenna. But Khalils mother wanted him to be able to tear through the cake with no mommy interference, I left out the rod and antenna.

For the cupcakes I found some cutouts online, and put them on gumpaste. I wet the gumpaste slightly with water and lay the figure on there. Make sure there is no excess water on there or the colors will run. Press something on the gumpaste person for 10 seconds and let it dry for an hour (less time will do if your in a rush, but I suggest doing this step the night before). When the first side is dry, wet the other side and repeat first steps for the back view of cutout.