My granddaughter wanted a Hawaiian Luau for her birthday this year. I made this Luau Birthday Cake for her “family” party and a pair of flip flops for her “friend” party. Everything on this cake is edible except of course the top of the doll.

I started with a 1/2 sheet cake (her choice was marble and the pan took 3 boxes), with butter-cream icing. The left side of the cake was iced with white and the right side with a light blue to represent water. I touched the tops of some of the peaks in the water with with icing to look like waves breaking toward the beach. The sand is crushed vanilla wafers. The Hula dancer’s skirt is a cake made in the small wonder mold covered with light brown butter-cream icing using a star tip and pulling the icing down.

I made small drop flowers in many colors of royal icing and used them around her waist, as a lai and one in her hair, attaching them with a drop of icing. Her top is just butter-cream icing in a color of one of the flowers. The palm trees were made using royal icing and a leaf tip and the small sports ball pan to give them shape.

I turned the pan over and covered the balls with foil. Then I greased the foil and used the leaf tip to layer 5 leaves over the inverted balls. When they were dry, I removed them from the foil and attached them to pretzel sticks with royal icing. They are a little top heavy so care should be taken when sticking them in the cake. I made the shells using candy molds using the marble technique that came with the mold.

The sides of the cake are made using a piping tip and brown butter-cream. The phrase says “Happy Birthday Maddie” in Hawaiian (found this on the internet). She can’t remember what gift I gave her but she remembers the cake!