My then 5 year old is really big into Mario and all the Marioland characters at the moment so I thought I’d give a go at making him a nice Marioland Birthday Cake for his birthday. I’ve never used fondant before but I thought it couldn’t be that hard as my plan wasn’t that ambitious as some of the other ones I’ve seen on this site.

The base of the cake was a 30cm choc mud cake. Since I didn’t really read the instructions that came with the box of fondant I kinda ran into a little bit of trouble right at the start. Since I was trying to roll out the one box of fondant to cover my cake I had to roll it out really thin to make it fit. Needless to say it wouldn’t roll out enough and it kept ripping so I ended up taking what I had and just laying it on the cake then taking another piece and then joining up another piece and blending it together.

Using a small dessert spoon and putting in hot water I ended up moulding the two ripped pieces together and I was quite happy with the result

If I had read the box I would have know that I would have needed at least two boxes to cover a cake that size. I’ll know better next time.

The rest of the bits were not that hard but since I was new to it it did take me a long time to cover the whole cake. A flower mould that I bent helped make the clouds and the other pieces were cut by hand. What helped was having the Mario characters around already saved some time in the end and the lettering was just rolled fondant that was flattened and let it dry a bit before putting on the cake.

Needless to say I had a very happy boy that next morning and that cake was devoured. I’d love to try something a little harder next time and the total time was around 5 hours to make not counting cooking the cake.