I made this Mermaid Cake for my granddaughter’s 5th birthday. Molly and I looked at lots of the mermaid cakes on your website. We chose cake number 10 as our inspiration. She chose her favorite mermaid doll and it is the size of a Barbie doll.

I purchased a family sized frozen pound cake for the big sandy rock for the mermaid to sit upon. At a candy and nut company store I bought some tiny colorful candy fish and candies that look like colorful pebbles. I also purchased some jelly candy fish and stars.

I made two batches (equivalent of four 8” layers) of my mother’s hot milk recipe for sturdy sponge cakes. I am sure you could use two box cakes, but the sponge cake is nice and sturdy for making these kinds of cakes. The pan measured 12” x 17” x 1”. I lined it with parchment paper before baking.

Before frosting the cake, I placed the used parchment paper on the top of the cake and carved the pound cake into a rock. I shaped it in a way that the doll would sit comfortably on the rock with her flippers in the “water”. Then I used a nontoxic marker to draw a line where I wanted to place the water’s edge. I cut along my water line on the paper and removed the part where I wanted the sandy beach. I kept the water portion covered with the paper while I colored and frosted the sand portion and the rock. Then I sprinkled the “sand” with graham crackers crumbs. I removed the paper and frosted the water portion and added streaks of white for waves.

Finally, I placed the doll on the big rock and added the fish candies and rock candies. I took a jelly star candy and flattened, cut and pulled it to resemble a star fish. Then the message was added to the cake.