I made this Mickey Cake for my son’s 6th birthday. The bottom is a single layer 14 inch chocolate cake frosted with chocolate frosting and covered with rainbow sprinkles. My favorite chocolate cake recipe is the Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake recipe right on the can of Hershey Cocoa. For this pan I doubled the recipe. It took about 1 hour to cook and had to cool for a long time to un-mold correctly out of the large pan.

The Mickey face is another chocolate cake batch made in the Wilton Mickey face cake pan. This is also the same chocolate cake recipe, but a little less than a whole batch. I just placed the un molded Mickey face on top of the frosted bottom. I also used the chocolate frosting recipe on the Hershey’s Cocoa can, Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Frosting.

I gently pressed the sprinkles on with my fingers before the frosting was set so that they would stay put. For both these cakes, I had to apply a thick layer of shortening and flour to the cake pan to make sure it un-molded correctly.

I then put a thin layer of either chocolate or vanilla frosting (depending on the location) on the face to set the crumbs and make a good base for the decorative frosting. For the vanilla frosting I used the Wilton buttercream frosting recipe. I piped rows and stars (Wilton tip 16) of black frosting onto the ears (the black frosting is chocolate frosting with a lot of black food coloring). I also used black frosting for the nose, pupils and mouth. I made flesh tone frosting (some red and yellow) and piped stars onto the face. I filled the eyes in with white frosting, and the tongue with pink. For the whites of the eyes and tongue, I just used my finger dipped in corn starch to spread the frosting.

We cut it into a grid into pretty small pieces. Most of the pieces though were double layer so each guest ended up getting a lot. The kids loved it and it tasted great!