I wanted to make a Mickey Mouse birthday cake for my son for his second birthday. I knew that this was a challenge for me to take on, since I had not made any cakes beyond a simple sheet cake. I had looked on multiple websites, and the idea for this cake came to light after looking at pictures from this website! I reviewed ideas from other readers, then went to work.

I used a 9 inch round cake pan for the face. I then used two 6 inch round cakes for the ears. To provide variety for my guests, I used yellow cake in the face portion and used chocolate cake in the ears. With the help of my mother, we created a serving tray for the cake by wrapping aluminum foil over a cut out of a cardboard box big enough to hold the cake. I frosted the ears and forehead (all of the frosting was used from Wilton’s butter cream icing box mix). I then used a toothpick to freehand the outline for the forehead and used crushed Oreos (creme centers removed) to provide the black coloring for the ears and forehead. I used the skin tinting color from Dora’s food coloring pack to color the icing for the face.

For the eyes, I used fondant to hand shape them, and then placed it on the cake. The outlining and mouth were done using black tint in chocolate icing (a suggestion a friend of mine made to achieve a “darker” black coloring). And last, but not least, I used pink food coloring from the Dora pack to frost the tongue. Instead of using icing bags, I used disposable sandwich bags and only had a medium round tip to work with for the outlining and mouth. This made clean up much easier.

When all was said and done, I was thrilled with the results. The Mickey face was so cute, that I couldn’t bear to write on it, so I wrote “Happy Birthday” and “Jonathan” on the sides of it on the aluminum foil. Looking back on it, I don’t know if the crushed Oreos were really any less messy than the food coloring. I guess that the Oreo was easier to vacuum up than having a huge stain if I had used the black food coloring for the ears.

Thank you for having a wonderful website to provide a resource for people who would like to try their hands at making a “designer” cake without using a professional to make it for them. This was such a rewarding experience, and because of this I have requests to make other cakes for people!