This homemade Mickey Mouse cake made for a 3 year old’s birthday party. Very easy and effective, you need a good couple of hours just to ice it though. Any dense cake will do for the recipe, however I started out with a doubled recipe of Whipped cream cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook called ‘mix.’

I made two round cakes (about 25cm wide, 4cm deep). The cake is pretty dense so didn’t need to be frozen before cutting. First I leveled off the top of the cakes.

I used a picture of Mickey’s face found on Google as a template to cut one of the cakes into the shape of his head, using the other as a base. I then made a basic chocolate butter icing and iced the base and covered it in sprinkles. I then got the cake shaped at Mickey and iced it thinly to stick the crumbs down.

For Mickey’s face I made a chocolate butter icing (butter, cocoa powder and a little bit of milk all whipped up until the right consistency) and used (a lot!) of black food dye to turn it black. I then piped the edges of the face, and ears into stars. I then did the face (eyes, mouth, nose). I started with the black icing, completing the outline of the mouth, the node, and the outline of the eyes.

I then used a skin tone food colouring for the tongue, filling in the tongue. Then I made a basic white icing of just icing sugar and water to fill in the eyes. For the rest of the face I made butter icing (same as above minus the cocoa powder) and used a TINY bit of the skin tone food colouring to colour the face (don’t need much as the icing is already slightly yellow because of the butter), and then piped stars all over the remaining un-iced parts of the face.