For my son’s second birthday, I wanted to go for a Mickey theme, he LOVES Mickey Mouse. I was originally going to go for something flat and simple… until I saw these cute figures at LW. Immediately I thought why not do the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? So, I got the figures and started planning the cake.

I spent an hour or two baking 2 12×12 square cakes and making a batch of rice krispie treats into the Mickey hand and arm, the shoe, the head, and the ears. I covered a cookie sheet with aluminum foil upside down, and used 1 1/2 of the large cakes as a base covered in green butter cream. I baked a bowl cake for the red base, and covered everything in butter cream and then fondant.

Decorating took at least 7-8 hours. I had a tough time with the round pieces, fondant doesn’t like to mold around that too easily, so I did one half of each sphere at a time, with a ‘seam’ around that actually coincided with the ‘lines’ on the show clubhouse. I used a pipe from my candy thermometer to stick through the red part, the cake, and then up into the head to hold it all in place, and cut skewers to stick the ears in place. They were nice and easy to remove and worked like rice krispie lollipops.

I had an issue with the slide, do not attempt making it with rice krispie treats. It won’t hold. I pulled the fondant off the broken slide, rerolled it (yes, I reused the fondant… haha. That’s why it’s so cracked) and stuck bare craft floral wire through it, then bent it into place and let it re-harden before putting it in place. The doors and windows were fondant, the red around the base on the tinfoil is fondant, the lettering is fondant rolled into a thin string and then placed on using a little shortening to help it stick. I made the little ‘bushes’ last minute, so they weren’t edible, used tinfoil to bulk out some green fondant. Butter cream ‘stars’ finished it off, along with the fondant yellow circle stones and the figures.

My son was thrilled! He came down after his nap and just stood there and stared at it for a full 10 minutes before commenting that there was “Donald” and “Mickey Minnie” and Goofy. My daughter was convinced that Daisy was inside the clubhouse. The party was great and the cake was a hit. Everyone loved it, and I was surprised at how fast the rice Krispie parts disappeared! Even with all the problems I had (I spend 1 day baking and 2 decorating, the first day of decorating the hand part fell and took some icing with it, hence the “star” grass which I felt made it look nicer anyway… as well as lots of skewers to hold things in place). I’m glad I did it. Although… I’m not ever making another like it.