I took inspiration for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake from our invitation which were homemade by mixing a couple of different ideas from other invitations on line.

CAKE- You will use a twelve inch cake pan (two inches deep) for the main part of the cake. This will take two cake mixes to fill. Cook according to box directions. You will need a six inch round pan (2 inches deep) for the ears. It takes one cake mix for both ears. Fill each pan with 2 1/2- 3 cups of cake mix. Cook according to directions.

The ear cooking can be speedier if you have two cake pans to cook both ears at once otherwise you will have to make one ear and then the next. Turn the pans upside down once out of the oven and place on cake boards to cool. I leave the pan on the cake overnight until I am ready to decorate the next day. I only had one small ear pan so I covered the other one with a larger round pan overnight.

FROSTING- Put one bag of confectioners sugar, 1 cup of hard Crisco, and 3 tsp of vanilla in large mixing bowl. In a measuring cup mix one cup of HOT water and 1 tsp of salt together. Pour this into bowl and mix all ingredients together. You will need about 3/4 of this mixture for black and the rest for the red frosting. Set aside just a small amount of white for the buttons. I use Wilton coloring. I did use about a whole bottle for each color. The colors will be more true the longer the frosting sits! I used a star tip for the whole cake.

ADDITIONS- I also sprinkled on red sugar on the red frosting and added a number three candle to the ear when we were ready to sing. I bought a package of 12 inch round boards at the local grocery and cut two of these down for the ears because it was cheaper than buying two different sizes.